eTYMP usb


The eTYMPUSBis a computer based middle ear analyzer for practical
routine and clinical applications.
The eTYMPUSB- offers the possibility to create user-defined test pro- tocols by combining different
tests from the test battery into one test flow. For instance you can create a simple screening
procedure and a more in-depth evaluation.
The device is characterized by its compact, functional
and attractive design.

» Tympanometry with 226 Hz (standard),
678 Hz and 1000 Hz

» Acoustic reflex threshold testing – ipsilateral, contralateral and freefield (optional)
» Reflex decay testing – ipsilateral and
» Eustachian tube function (ETF) testing with intact and perforated tymp. membran
» Small and lightweight probe, easy to clean
» Various trigger functionality over decoupled input and output.
» Contineous measurement
» Easy and Expertmode



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